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Should you work harder? Is hard work the key? Is hustle the key? 

I hear a lot of different opinions. I just wanna say this. I feel like I live in a world that’s the exact opposite. I feel like I live in a world where millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, even billions of people are working their ass off.

And it seems that they don’t get ahead.

Maybe you feel stressed when you read all these “hustle is the key quotes”…
Maybe you think‚ this cannot be the key.

And you’re absolutely right.

I remember the time living in Germany, going to high school. I hustled every single day and worked on my business. All day long.

I had the feeling that I don´t get any further in life. I was very stressed and I felt tired.

I had so many projects. And seriously, they were very good. I made good stuff, but the point was, I DIDN’T MAKE ANY MONEY… I made a few bucks here and there, but that was it. I was so sad about the fact that I worked so hard, but didn´t get the results I wanted. I felt depressed.

I thought: “Hard work and hustle can’t be the key…”

In that time in school, we had the topic third world countries. We talked about India. People wake up at dawn and work till dusk, picking aluminium out of trash heaps. They literally work their buts off. And I have huge respect for that.

But should they work harder to get ahead?

I could identify myself with them… because you know… I worked all day on my business until late in the night and I saw all these people on Instagram saying “You have to hustle 24/7 and grind… bla..bla..bla”, BUT didn´t get any results.

Later on I realized that hustle isn’t the key.

The key is to work smart. Hard work alone isn’t the key. Be smart. Choose wisely, which task you do and what you put your focus on.

Niklas Pedde Bog Is Hard Work and Pure Hustkle The Key

One of my mentors, Tai Lopez, told me a story…

An air plane with engineers and well educated hard workers crashed into the jungle…

They were full of panic. People were crying. They were never confronted with such a situation.

So what they do, to get out of that situation? The used machetes and tried to get out of the jungle. After a while one guy climbed up a big tree and looked out and surveyed the landscape and yelled down to the group, and said, “Hey, guys, you’re working hard, but you’re going the wrong direction. You’re going deeper into the jungle. The city, for our escape, is the other way.”

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On Instagram I see sooo many people going deeper into the jungle. They are online 24/7 and follow hundreds of people and then unfollow them trying to grow. They post 5x per day, upload stories, interact with their audience (they put in the work), but they don´t get any results.

They are like the people in the jungle.

They work hard, but go into the wrong direction…

Grinding and working hard is not they key and not the Goal!!!

The grind is necessary, work is necessary, but it’s never a goal. It’s a necessity. The goal is very different. The goal of life is not to breathe. Breathing is a necessity.

The goal in life is to enjoy your life, to do something important and to learn new things. You breathe because you must; you work because you must; but you never say, “Well, you know why I’m here? It’s just to breathe.”

But it seems like that sooo many people out there love to grind all day (I love it too), but they forget to work smart.

They just work and hustle, but what they forget about is that your bank account doesn’t go up from hard work. There’s no rule that if you work double the hours that you then tomorrow make double the money. Especially not as an entrepreneur. And you are one, or want to be one, right?

Work Smart. Not 24/7 hard.

Get a mentor…

Learn from people who are where you want to be and let them show you where to go.

Let them teach you what to do.

And you´ll get what you want.

Be smart and use the power of social media…

Learn how you can build a following on Instagram so that you can later on make money on auto pilot and don´t have to work all day.

Be smart…

Here’s the power of working smart: Just a few days ago I uploaded a promotion (a post that promotes a product) on a big Instagram page with millions of followers. I paid $500 for the post.

That post was a promotion for one of my products.

Within 24 hours I made over $7,000. Sure, I first worked hard. I created the product, build the funnel and created the promotion (post). That took me a couple of weeks.

But I can now always use that post to promote the funnel and the funnel will automatically turn the people who get into the funnel into paying customers.

The only thing I now have to do is buy posts / promotions on big Instagram pages. And that takes me 5 minutes.

That’s what smart work looks like…




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