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I hear a lot of different opinions. I just wanna say this. I feel like I live in a world that’s the exact opposite. I feel like I live in a world where millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, even billions of people are working their ass off. And it seems that they don’t get further in live.

Maybe you feel stressed when you read all these “hustle is the key quotes”…
Maybe you think‚ this can not be really the key.

And you’re absolutely right.

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Tai Lopez Backstage: How To Make Money

Description: In this video, I'm going to talk with the famous Tai Lopez about my personal brand, how you can make (more) money online and how to grow faster on Instagram. The first thing he told me is to be more unpredictable. That's the secret of well-known...

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#024 My Million Dollar Morning Routine

In the last couple of weeks, months and years I’ve tried a whole bunch of crazy stuff when it comes to my morning routine. And recently I found something / implemented something that helped me become more productive than ever before. In this episode of the Niklas...

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#022 Why Starting A Million Dollar Business Isn’t Hard

Most people think that making $1,000,000 is complicated and they think that they can’t do it. In this episode of the Niklas Pedde show, I’ll share with you why I think that it’s easier than ever before to make a million dollars and how you might actually be able to do...

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“How I Used A Simple 3 Step Process To Build A Million Dollar Personal Brand With Instagram That Makes $100,000+ Per Month”

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niklas pedde instagram university 3.0

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