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My experience with Niklas Pedde: How I generated $1,137 with Instagram in under 10 days without having my own product. (…)

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Blog, Casestudy | 1 comment

Hey, my name is Josh and in this short blog post I want to show you how I made $1,137 in under 10 days with Instagram and I want to give you a real view and a honest review about Niklas Pedde and his Instagram University. About what he does, if his strategies are working and how you can implement them.

Niklas Pedde: “The Story of Josh is amazing! I think that you can learn a lot from it and that you´ll with his story be able to make money on Instagram. That´s why I decided to publish this post. You´ll definitely profit from reading this post and you´ll learn how Josh made $1,137 in under 10 days with Instagram and you will see that it is possible for everybody. So enjoy…”

Here´s what the Blog Article is about:


– The strategy that Josh used to make $1,137 in under 10 days
– Joshs story: How he went from not having any idea about Instagram to getting over 3,000 followers and making $1,137
– How to copy the proven system that Josh used and get the same results
 The truth about Niklas Pedde and The Instagram University

So let’s get started…

Hey… My name is Josh Esposito, I am 19 years old and this is my story…
I live in Europe (Italy) and right now I go to college, because I always wanted to have a save job so that I can live my life and support my family. I always wanted to be free.

I always had the dream to buy a new car. A Mercedes CLA Coupe, for about 39.000€.

I wanted to enjoy the sensation to drive across beautiful landscapes and to be free. A car that I can enjoy, when I go for a ride and that I can use to bring my children to school. That´s why I always wanted to go to college and have a good and safe job.

I really thought this way is the right way. Because it’s the way that everybody takes.

One day I had lunch at the college with my friends and I sat down, my eyes were widly open (like i’ve taken some weird drugs) and i realized it. I realized, that i am going the wrong way. It is nice with my friends at the college and i enjoy the time together, but I realized that college will not give me the life that i always wanted to live.

I recently figured out a secret. The secret is to reflect the way of the masses, the road, that everybody takes and then choose the opposite way.

Why? Because when you swim with the stream you can’t really achieve your dreams. You get, what everybody else gets.

They want you to go that way. They want you be a modern slave of the system. It’s the hard truth!

One day something shocking happened. My mom and me sat in the kitchen and my father came in…

His head was down and he looked so sad. I asked him: “Daddy, what happened.” He was quiet for a about 20 seconds and then suddenly said: “I lost my job.”


My mom started crying. And i was shocked! It was a desaster for my whole family. Because you have to know… We italians, we a very proud.

The whole world of my father broke together.

That was the point, where I realized that I need to find a way how I can make money on my own.

I realized that I want to be my own boss and have a safe income stream.

I looked for ways how i can earn money beside my college so that I can be free, enjoy my life and support my family.

I always saw these influencers on social media. Having a good time, making a nice amount of money every month and living the life of their dreams…

That’s what i wanted. A real business, where i can generate a specific amount of money every single month.

I stumbled upon a a business/motivational post on instagram. It was posted by @millionaire_mentor. Maybe you know him already. At that time, i was new in that scene. I saw that he was a partner of @niklaspedde. I was so impressed that this guy reached so much in his life, at this young age. Amazing right?

But i was quite skeptical. :/

Is this really achievable what he preaches there? Even for me?
Is that realistic?
And could that be my opportunity as well?
My Opportunity to break out of the system?

My opportunity to make money doing what I love.

I gave me a jolt. I took the final decision to give this a try. I invested in the Instagram University  and became a member of the underground society and started my journey on Instagram.

At the moment, where i took out my credit card. I heard the voice of Warren Buffet in my head: “The best investment that you can make is always in yourself.”

And i can say: Joining the Instagram University was the best decision of my life!

Yes, really.

I invested into the yearly version so that i have enough time to get through the masses of content.

In the first days i consumed all the videos. I was obssesed. I was so exited by the content, that Niklas give me. This guy is literally crazy (in a good way haha xD)

I learned things that I have never even thought of and I started implementing the things that Niklas taught me.

I started following the step-by-step blueprint that Niklas gave me.

I started an account in the business niche, because this “entrepreneur, startup trend” is coming to europe now. So there is a huge potential.

I crafted a bio, choose a username, created a logo and created my first posts.

I sat up a nice branding for the account with the help of Niklas. I became part of an engagement group and started growing my account.

And within just a few days I got the first 1,000 followers.

Then I started using the money making strategies that Niklas gave me in The Instagram University.

I started documenting how my account grows and just after 2 days the first people started messaging me.

They asked me: “Josh? How do you do this? I want to grow my own account too.”

I said to them: “I learned everything about Instagram in the Instagram University.”

I then gave them my affiliate link for the Instagram University.

An affiliate link is a link that you can use to send your followers to The Instagram University. Everytime when someone then buys the Instagram university through your link you get a commission of 50% (on average you get a commission of $35)

The first day I made $187.

The second day $134…

The third day $417

Within just one week… Yes, only one week i had 3,946 followers and i made $1,137 with this account.

That feeling was so amazing!

With that money i was able to buy a nice present for my girlfriend, because it was her birthday.

It was very difficult to realize that i made this amount of money in just a few days. Because in the past I didn’t have much money. I always had to go to school, college and work for a small amount of money.

I am so thankful that i stumbled across Niklas Instagram Page and that he gave me access to his secret knowledge. That’s why i created this blog post.

Niklas is the king of Instagram! He knows what hes talking about and he helped me get over 3,000 followers within one week and he helped me make over $1,000!

He changed my life.

I´ll continue to use his strategies and my goal for June is to make $10,000. I´ll invite my family to a holiday trip when I reach that goal.

Final Conclusion: I can recommend everybody to get the Instagram University. I recommended it to my friends and they where amazed and thankful to me, that i showed them my secret source of knowledge.

For just 7$ you get instant access to the Instagram University and you can call yourself a proud member of it. You will learn how you can build a following on instagram, how you can convert your followers into true fans of your brand and how you can make 4-5 figures per month with instagram.

Even me, a young boy from a small town in Italy, that had no idea about instagram made $1,137 in a few days, so can you.

And all that, without my own product, without showing my face, without previous experience and without any startup capital…

The Instagram University is awesome and Niklas is so helpful. Every question of mine was answered and now i am on my way to make my first $10,000 with Instagram.

I really recommend you to join the instagram university if you want to make money with your phone. Give it a try. You have no risk. When it works for me, it will works for you. Click the button below and reserve your spot for free. Click now!


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By Niklas Pedde

Niklas is a 20 year old entrepreneur who moved to Dubai on his own at the age of 18. He used the power of Instagram to build a million dollar business and he now also shows others how he did it.

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